House Picture
The vignerons of gaillac have tended the fertile fields in the tarn valley for the past millennium with loving care in a landscape of viridian, terracotta and ochre reminiscent of tuscany. Château Sainte Cécile, situated just north of the medieval town of Gaillac, has been a centre of activity for the production of its own wines and witnesses a local tradition of wine production believed to be one of the oldest in France.

Located at the edge of a national park and with distant view of the Pyrenees mountain range, the château lies resplendent in its private park and vineyards. Built during the "belle époque" by wealthy wine producers the house was designed for practicality and hospitality associated with the promotion of its wines. An extensive cellar and sumptuous reception rooms bear witness to past industriousness and grandeur -the surrounding vineyards produce a light red / pink and famous "gaillac perle" white wine.